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Glitter Key Chains

Glitter Key Chains

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WNYHC's collection of stylish Key Chains. The Key Chains are made with epoxy, glitter and resin.

We offer variety of shapes, colors and sizes perfect for everyone. 

A little of flare to your bags or even as a gift for someone special or a memorable occasion. 

Please read...
*****These keychains are handmade and they may have some imperfections with them just like any handmade item.

****They measure about 1..5” x 1.5” and are 3/4 in depth but each letter is a little different in size. Please see the pics in my hand for size reference.

**** The front side will be smooth and sparkly. The back side of the keychain will have a slightly rough texture and not be as sparkly as the front side.

Please be advised if ordering an “i” keychain.

Warning: The uppercase letter “i” keychain is NOT a line with two small lines above and below, it is just a straight line. I make my keychains using alphabet molds and that is how they are made from outside vendors. 


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